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Work through what's on your mind, with complete peace of mind. Thought Detox's clean, peaceful interface lets you get negative thoughts out of your head, without storing or sending them anywhere.

What is Thought Detox?

Writing down your negative thoughts and then discarding them can help you find peace. Thought Detox is an iPhone app that lets you mindfully work through those most private thoughts, on your most personal device.

Want to see how that mindfulness affects your week? Connect the app to Apple Health to track the time you spend working through negative thoughts. See those mindfulness trends over the past seven days in the app, or add them to your home screen as a widget. Thought Detox even integrates with Wind Down, to let you quickly clear your head before bed.

Learn more on the app website, follow the Dropped Bits Twitter account, or email me and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Work through your most private thoughts, on your most personal device.


Thought Detox is a paid app, with no in-app purchases or subscriptions. It will cost USD$2.99, with a sale price of USD$0.99 for the first week after launch. The most up-to-date pricing is available on the App Store product page.

(Why charge for the app? Because I can't protect anyone's privacy if I have to sell data to advertisers.)


Thought Detox will launch on the App Store Monday, 15 February, 2021.

Who created Thought Detox?

Angelo Stavrow. He's an iOS and web developer living in Montreal, Canada, who spends a lot of time thinking about the intersection of tech and self-care. Hear him discuss this topic with Anil Dash on the Function podcast.


Feel free to use these images and videos in reviews of Thought Detox. Retina versions (@2x and @3x) of screenshots are available in this press kit's GitHub project (or download it as a ZIP archive).

Promotional media

Overhead photo of three iPhones placed on round river stones, each phone showing a different Thought Detox screen.
Background Photo Credit: Photo by John Salzarulo on Unsplash.

iPhone screenshots

The Editor Writing a thought Thought released Stats and settings Onboarding screen Large widget on home screen

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